Over the Hills

Track Nr. 13 auf Bardensuppe

Hark! now the Drums beat up again
For all true Soldiers Gentlemen
So let us list, and march I say
Over the Hills and far away

Here's Forty Shillings on the Drum
For those that Volunteers do come
With Shirts, and Cloths, and present Pay
When o'er the Hills and far away

Over the Hills and o'er the Main
To Flanders, Portugal and Spain
King George commands, and we'll obey
Over the Hills and far away

Hear that brave Boys, and let us go
Or else we shall be prest you know
Then list and enter into Pay
And o'er the Hills and far away

Over Rivers, Bogs, and Springs
We all shall live as great as Kings
And Plunder get both Night and Day
When o'er the Hills and far away

Länge: 5:19

Anhören:   30-sekündige Audiovorschau


Text: Traditional
Musik: Traditional


Gesang: Sebastian Barwinek, Christian Reiter, Christine Rauscher, Elisabeth Zlotos, Daniel von Verschuer
Sprache: Jacob Kreutz
Cister: Christian Reiter
Bouzouki: Sebastian Barwinek
Gitarre: Christine Rauscher
Altflöte: Elisabeth Zlotos
Violine: Daniel von Verschuer
Drehleier: Christian Reiter
Davul: Jacob Kreutz
Darbuka: Jacob Kreutz
Schellen: Christian Reiter
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